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Health Insurance Agents

Being an insurance agent can be fulfilling and create a ton of opportunities for you. It can also be a lot to manage. New hires and terminations to your customer’s group insurance plans, compliance, claims, payroll, the list goes on and on. There are so many boxes that need to be checked and lines that need to be connected leaving a lot of room for errors and making your life extremely stressful.

But what if you had a partner, who could help you make sure everything was in order and running smoothly? The SBAM Member Care Team handles many of the administrative and customer service matters for our members so you can concentrate on what’s important – your customers.

Our team of experts brings harmony to your customers’ employee benefits, insurance, compliance and human resources. Contact us at or (877) 949-7226 today for the solutions you’re searching for!

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New Composite Rating Option for SBAM Members

SBAM is now offering a composite rating options for companies enrolled in our sponsored health plan. A composite rate provides a single premium rate for all enrollees in the group, offering a fair and equitable opportunity for all employees. This approach simplifies the premium-setting process for group health insurance, making it easier for employers to manage and predict costs.

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Agent Advantages

Valuable product solutions with simple and efficient quoting, enrollment and billing that makes it easy for you and your customers!

  • Exclusive consolidated billing invoice.
  • SBAM online portal, Freshdesk, for communicating with our Member Care team.
  • Free OneSource administration for your SBAM customers.
  • Quoting, underwriting, claims, and enrollment for Dearborn Life and Disability. 
  • Composite Rating option that makes it simple for employers to manage and predict insurance costs.
  • Compliance resources including Workplace Posters, Employment Screening, Handbooks, Legal services and Summary Plan Description.
  • Pooled Employer Retirement Plan gives agents the opportunity for additional income and reduces risk and saves money for your customers.
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Agent Hall of Fame

We love our Agents!  And to show our gratitude, we have the Hall of Fame program to reward you for all of your hard work. Discover all the perks you and your agency receive:

  • Free VIP level SBAM membership
  • Discounted Non-Blue and Non-Sponsored COBRA rates
  • Social media promotion for your Agency
  • Website recognition for your Agency
  • Included in our Lead Distribution program
  • Small Business Briefing interview with Brian Calley
  • Lunch for you and your staff

New Business – 100 or more BCBSM/BCN Contracts plus three lines of coverage in COBRA, Dearborn, BCBSM/BCN.
Renewal Business – 200 or more BCBSM/BCN Contracts.

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SBAM Brochures & Forms

Everything you need to enroll and service your SBAM customers including Dearborn, COBRA administration, and Section 125 administration. Our solutions provide affordable options to help them attract and retain talent and stay compliant.

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SBAM Freshdesk Member Service

Freshdesk is SBAM’s cloud-based customer service software that provides our members and their insurance agents with support from our Member Care Team that includes smart automations that will help to get things done faster!

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Dearborn Life Insurance Company Group Life & Disability

Group life and disability insurance products from Dearborn Life Insurance Company, which are offered as Specialty Benefits in cooperation with Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan

If you are an agent who needs to become appointed with Dearborn Life Insurance Company, please complete the W9 form and Agent Appointment form.  Send both completed forms to and If you have any questions, please contact Linnea.

To receive a quote for SBAM sponsored Dearborn Life Insurance Company Group Life and Disability, please utilize our quoting tool or email the SBAM enrollment and billing team directly at

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Summary Plan Descriptions

Your customer simply combines their basic plan information with the legal pages we provide and the SPD document is ready for distribution to all insured employees. Their company will be compliant with the rules and regulations of the DOL.

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COBRA Administration

Your customer’s personal COBRA Coordinator sends all necessary letters and notifications, provides a monthly activity report and online access to their account, and collects premium payments from the COBRA-enrolled beneficiaries.

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Our affordable and flexible plans allow your small business customers to offer a complete medical, dental, vision, life and disability package that will save time and money while reducing the hassles of offering employee benefit plans.

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Flexible Spending Administration

With the cost of health insurance continuing to rise, most employers ask their employees to share in the cost of health insurance through premium sharing, deductibles and co-insurance.  With SBAM’s flexible benefit plan administration in place, both your customer and their employees save through tax-preferred methods.

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Ask an Expert

When your customers join SBAM as a Premium, VIP or Elite level member, they gain access to our Ask An Expert web portal for answers to all their Cybersecurity, HR and Legal Questions. Our partners, SensCy, American Society of Employers and Taylor English Law, are trusted experts that be relied on for accurate, timely information.

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A person sits at a desk with a laptop open to an invoice.

Composite Rating Option

SBAM offers a composite rate option for our members enrolled in our sponsored health plan. Instead of assigning individual rates to each member of a group based on their age, gender, and other factors, a composite rate provides a single premium rate for all members of the group, offering a fair and equitable opportunity for all employees.

Learn more about composite rating.
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Billing & Enrollment

SBAM handles all of the billing and enrollment for our sponsored Blue Cross Blue Shield, Blue Care Network and Dearborn Life Insurance Company coverage through our internal member care team here in our Lansing office.

The SBAM Member Care Team will assist you with quoting, new business, policies, amendments and cancellations, agent commissions, and field support. Your small group customers can contact us for help with all of their insurance needs.

If you are changing your customer’s existing Blue Cross or BCN coverage to an SBAM-sponsored small group health plan, you’ll need to submit a rollover letter to BCBSM through your online OneSource agent account.

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Workers’ Compensation

SBAM’s Accident Fund program provides an upfront 5% premium discount, and the program is dividend eligible. Dividend eligibility simply means that if the comparison of our premiums earned versus claims paid falls into the right range, then you get money back. We’re pleased to tell you that our enrolled members are receiving a 2% dividend payment this year!

The discounted workers’ compensation rates and dividend program available through Accident Fund is a great example of how SBAM, and the buying power of our thousands of members from across Michigan, can benefit your company. The savings you receive are well above the amount you pay for the cost of an SBAM annual membership.

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Pooled Employer Retirement Plan

Take a look at our Pooled Employed Retirement Plan powered by TAG Resources, Transamerica, and Graystone Consulting, a business of Morgan Stanley.  The program is cost effective and outsources employer administration and liability.  We’ve negotiated exclusive savings for our members including:

  • Additional $500 annual credit for three years when a business establishes a retirement plan with automatic enrollment.
  • No initial set up fees.
  • Start up plans may be eligible for up to $5,000 tax credit to cover the TAG annual administrative fee (for 3 years).
Learn more about our PEP